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Fireplace Fodder: Stay Warm Even if You Lose Power
November 13, 2012

Dream Green Bulletin – Issue 117

Welcome to the late summer Edition of the Dream Green Bulletin!

In this issue:
  • Fireplace Fodder

  • Green product review: Fireplace Design Ideas

  • Energy Saving Tip of the Month: Add Energy Efficiency During Your Build or Remodel
    + What is YOUR Favorite Money-Saving Tip?

  • Inspirational Quote

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Fiery Fireplace Fodder (Ideas for All!)

Things are hopping at Building Your Green Home - and fiery fireplace pages are sparking left and right.

Whether you're building a new home, or remodeling the one you have, you'll find plenty of jump starters right here.

Here are some great ideas - you can check them out at the click of a mouse!

Fireplace Fodder

Natural Gas Fireplace Hub will spark some ideas about what you want for your fiery focal point.

Many people want to know if a gas fire is as realistic as a real one - find the answer to that question in the hub above!

Green Product Review of the Month:
Fireplace Design Ideas

How do I have a custom-look fireplace without a customized price tag attached? This is a question I hear a lot. Check out the ideas here for the tips you need that you've probably never heard before!

Energy Saving Tip Of The Month

Space Heater Option for Safety and Savings + We want YOUR Tips!

Ah....the space heater dilemma. What can you use that is both safe and energy efficient?

Find out more about the space heater experiment right here.

Warm, moist heat with energy savings versus fried dust energy hogging alternatives? It became a no-brainer for us!


P.S. Watch your inbox for some Black Friday Specials coming soon!


What is YOUR favorite energy saving/going green tip?

Still looking for more ideas to help save on those pesky energy bills this year. I'll share the best with you.

Go to the More Going Green Tips page and scroll down the page. Then leave us your favorite and share it with the world! (Leaving your name is optional)

Let's help each other stretch those dollars until they SCREAM for mercy!

Quote of the Month

"We have enough people who tell it like it is - now we could use a few who tell it like it can be."

– Robert Orben

Live Green. Save Green. Dream Green.

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Simply reply to this e-zine and tell me what you think.

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