Dream Green Bulletin – Issue 102

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Dream Green Bulletin!
Spring - that beautiful time of the year where green foliage with vibrant colors of plant life bloom again and remind us of the opportunity to create beauty in our own little corners of the world.

Covered in this edition:

  • Clutter Cures
  • Green product review: Eco-Friendly Countertops
  • Energy Saving Tip of the Month: Do You Need A Breakthrough?

Clutter Cures

Spring cleaning seems to be on most everyone's minds this time of year. The warmer air beckons us to throw open the windows and let the fresh air in. We also want to get rid of the excess "stuff" that weighs down our closets and weighs on our minds.

Some great ideas for curing clutter that I have discovered include giving unused items and clothing to charity (church, Goodwill, a mission group). Somehow, the things we don't use are easier to part with if we know someone else needs them a lot more.

Another great clutter cure is to imagine having someone you admire come to visit (or better yet, actually invite them)! My parents drove from out of state a few years ago to attend my two sons' graduation. Boy, did we whip this place into shape - inside and out! I'll never forgot my teenage son looking at me, shovel in hand, and saying: "Mom, I didn't know you expected us to do a "Complete Home Makeover" in 3 days! (Don't worry - I paid them for their time). It felt wonderful having my parents here and not having to think about cleaning. We just enjoyed each other and had a great time!

I have found some of my best inspiration for clearing clutter in a book by Don Aslett titled Clutter's Last Stand. It was both hilarious and inspiring - and a strong motivator to take action!

So "green" your life by getting rid of the excess (recycling, of course), and giving yourself more room to breathe that fresh Spring air. You'll be glad you did!

Green Product Review of the Month

It used to be that "green" building materials were unusual and very expensive. But not anymore! The selection of affordable products is truly mind-boggling.

Eco-friendly countertops are all the rage in the green building industry these days. Your choices range from glass tile to granite to bamboo - with many options in between.

Nearly any countertop may be optionally sealed with low or no VOC sealants also - which protects your breathing from toxic fumes normally associated with many of these products.

For more information on eco-friendly countertops, click here.


Energy $aving Tip of the Month

This "Breakthrough Blog" of sorts is about saving a different sort of energy that may be in short supply - your personal energy.

Have you heard the buzz about social media? According to reputable sources, getting connected on social media can shave light years off of the time it would normally take to develop relationships and attract people to you and what you have to offer.

I am enjoying getting this important message about going green to many people who visit my site every month. However, the explosion of social media is able to bring exponentially more traffic to a website, business venture, or local brick and mortar store - if only we knew how to implement it.

The problem is, many of us who are older than, say, 20s or early 30s, may not have much of a clue about how to get connected on social media sites like Facebook, Squidoo, Hubpages, Ezine Articles, Twitter, etc.

Add to that the overwhelm factor of the time that it takes! There is a company locally that teaches people to use social media sites. They meet at least once weekly - for an hour or two. The lady who runs it told one of the visitors that if they just keep at it, they will have mastered it in about 3 years!

Who has that kind of time? I sure don't. So what to do? I struggled for months, knowing that I "should do" social media - but not having a whisper of an idea where to start.

Enter Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler. I signed up to receive communication from them and was impressed by their character and their partnership. Click by click training to learn social media by watching online videos? Their success with this attraction marketing model proved its merit for me.

I wanted to share with my readers how phenomenally helpful this training has been for me in the past month or so. I have already been able to form partnerships with numerous other people to create even more value with much less effort. I am really amazed.

I am continuing to look forward to interviewing people for possible joint venture relationships on green living topics.

Whether you have a cause you are passionate about, a home business (online or otherwise), a website, or are just curious about this training, I believe simply reading the high quality free info related to their program would be insightful for you.

Beginning Monday, May 18, Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring will be open with a special offer for a limited time window of only one week. For those who are interested in the Breakthrough program (personal coaching, forums, access to JV partners, Breakthrough Blog, etc.), Mike and Ann are offering an entire year FREE of Renegade Professional (click by click training on social media to explode your message)!

After the week is up, Renegade Breakthrough will remain available, but the click by click training will be charged monthly.

I know that my story will be somewhat different from yours, but I wanted to invite you to read a bit more about what drew me to begin a website with my passion - living green - and how it might inspire you to act on your dreams.

Interested in learning more?
Click here to learn more about my journey. When you continue to part II, you will also learn a bit more about this exciting opportunity to catch the peak of the wave that we call social media.

It won’t cost anything but a bit of your time to read about it - and then you can decide if you want to know more to help catapult your dreams to the next level in short order.

To learn more about Renegade Breakthrough Mentoring, please click here.
If you do decide to join, please use this link, as it will enable you to get individualized help from me as well. I'd love to join hands with you!

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