Dream Green Bulletin – Issue 103

Welcome to the Fall edition of the Dream Green Bulletin!

It's been such a busy summer around our house, and I apologize for the delay in the mailing of this issue. But now that fall is here, most of us are beginning to spend more time indoors and prepare for the onset of winter. Since saving money, time, and energy are primary goals, let's dive into this issue for some great ideas!

Covered in this edition:

  • Insulation Inspiration
  • Green product review: Energy Star Appliances
  • Energy Saving Tip of the Month: Space Heating

Insulation Inspiration

While most of us know that proper insulation is vital to comfort and energy savings, sometimes the overwhelming choices and the questions about safety stop us short from taking action.

There are numerous types of insulation. Unfortunately, the most popular material is laced with the toxic formaldehyde. So what to do?

There are a variety of insulation materials - some have been around for a long time, and others are relatively new on the scene. With a bit of research, you can find some truly green - nontoxic and comfortable - insulation that will save you money and headaches (literally).

The green action you take this fall to optimize your home's insulation will bring you some much appreciated "green" dollars of savings in the coming months and years.

Green Product Review of the Month

Most people have heard of Energy Star Appliances. But most do not realize the amazing energy savings they may realize by choosing Energy Star for a replacement appliance. You can learn more about these energy conserving powerhouses right here.


Energy $aving Tip of the Month

Have you ever considered space heating in your home in the cool/cold months?

Most people with central heating of some sort (heat pumps, furnace, etc.) simply set the temperature to their comfort level. Some will connect a timer to the thermostat that will set the temperature lower during the day or at bedtime, and higher when most of the family is at home. Well, even though we took those steps, our electric bills were still entirely too high for our relatively small home. So two winters ago, we decided to conduct an experiment and test out the money saving claims of space heaters. For more on what happened, click here!

For those of you who wish to "stretch those dollars until they scream for mercy", check out the other energy saving pages as well: Home Energy Savings . See the links at the bottom for more pages to read for ideas.

Stay warm, save energy, and dream green!

For those of you in the U.S., have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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