Dream Green Bulletin – Issue 105

Welcome to the Memorial Day edition of the Dream Green Bulletin!

In this issue:
  • Building or Remodeling? Flooring Options Galore!
  • Green product review: House Framing Options
  • Energy Saving Tip of the Month: Easy Landscaping
  • Inspirational Quote

Flooring Types

Are you building or remodeling in the near future? If so, you may be scratching your head about the best Flooring Options to consider. There is a veritable treasure trove of info, including pros and cons, of numerous flooring options that you will find right Here.

Green Product Review of the Month

You may not think of Home Roofing options as being necessarily green - but a little forethought to your framing can be a money and energy saving decision!

From this article you will find links to many choices for house framing, such as ICF and SIPS, as well as the ever-popular wood framing - and how you can save big bucks by planning ahead. See House Framing for lots of useful information to help you plan.

Energy $aving Tip of the Month

If there's one way we like to save energy, it would be with outdoor chores! Yet we want our yards to look breathtakingly beautiful, right?

Well, there are many Easy Landscaping Ideas you will find here along with links to more juicy, inexpensive (or even free!) ideas to make your yard a sanctuary without having to hire a full-time groundskeeper. Be sure to take advantage of this goldmine of information.

Quote of the Month

Today is a gift - that's why we call it "The Present."

Plan ahead, save energy, and dream green!

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