Dream Green Bulletin – Issue 106

Welcome to the late summer sunset edition of the Dream Green Bulletin!

In this issue:
  • Your Firm Foundation
  • Green product review: Bamboo Floors
  • Energy Saving Tip of the Month: Compact Fluorescent Bulbs?
  • Inspirational Quote

Firm Foundation

If you are thinking about building a new home in the distant or not-so-distant future, you'll need to make a decision about the type of foundation you will build. How do you know which option is best? A cellar? Walkout or daylight basement? Pier foundation? You'll find answers to your questions right here at the Home Foundation page.

Green Product Review of the Month

If you have ever moved into a new home with new standard kitchen cabinets, you may have been surprised at the smell and the amount of outgassing coming from those cupboards. On this page about kitchen cupboards, you'll discover the prevailing problem of formaldehyde outgassing. If you have any experience with this, please share it with us!

So what are the alternatives? Well, metal kitchen cabinets are making a comeback. Take a peek at what's new in non-toxic kitchen storage.

Energy $aving Tip of the Month

You've likely heard that compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL bulbs) are now all the rage in the energy saving segment of society. In fact, in the U.S., incandescent bulbs (sorry, Thomas Edison) will be outlawed in the next year or so. Supposedly because they are energy hogs and put out heat as well as light, the government is going to ban them.

This decision is not without controversy, though. Are CFL bulbs safe? What about their mercury content? Don't depend on your government to make the best choices for you - read up on what folks are saying about CFL bulbs and make a wise choice for your family.

Quote of the Month

"I'm not here just to make a living, I'm here to make a difference. "
- Helice Bridges

Plan ahead, save energy, and dream green!

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