Dream Green Bulletin – Issue 109

Welcome to the Early Spring Edition of the Dream Green Bulletin!

In this issue:
  • Hot Heating Hub Completed!
  • Green product review: Residential Wind Turbines
  • Energy Saving Tip of the Month: Take a Deep Breath
  • Inspirational Quote

Still a chill in your region of the country?
I've got some hot news for you!

I'm happy to report that the Hot Heating Hub of Fireplace options is now live on the site!

Many folks either own a fireplace or would like to have one installed. But where do you begin in deciding what is the best choice for your situation?

I'd like to help you out.

A lot of research has gone into building out the Indoor Fireplace Hub of this site - and you can go now to learn all about gas, wood burning and electric fireplaces - all in one location!

Most of us love the peaceful feel, crackling embers, and dancing flames of a fire in the heart of our home. But we also want safety and energy efficient heat while we relax in front of the fire.

Check out the "just built" Indoor-Fireplaces Hub and learn about the newest innovations and the amazing number of options available to customize your dream fireplace.

I also want your pictures of fireplaces - yours, your friends', one you like but don't own.....submit them by clicking the link below - share your pics with the world!

Pictures Of Fireplaces

Be sure to bookmark this site and keep your eye on it - new pages are being added consistently to help you live better and save more!

Green Product Review of the Month:
Residential Wind Turbines

Heard all of the buzz about clean wind energy in the news? It's not just for big corporations anymore. Many people are looking into wind energy to slash their electric bills at home as well.

Check out these brand new pages on Residential Wind Turbines - and there are more pages to come in the near future!

Energy Saving Tip Of The Month

Breathe Easier

It's Spring in many areas of the world - and people are thinking about Spring cleaning, "airing out the house" and saving energy on cooling costs.

You can increase your oxygen consumption, plus lower your cooling bills, by simply employing a technique called cross-ventilation.

Make sure your windows have screens, and with a little "know-how", you're good to go - and save!

Check out this and other energy saving tips at Home Energy Savings.

Do your own experiments and tell me how you save energy - we would all love to know!

Let's help each other stretch those dollars until they SCREAM for mercy!

Quote of the Month

The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream.

Harry Kemp

Blessings to you and yours and remember to dream big dreams!

Live Green. Save Green. Dream Green.

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