Dream Green Bulletin – Issue 110

Welcome to the early May Edition of the Dream Green Bulletin!

In this issue:
  • Energy Efficient Landscaping
  • Green product review: Solar Hub Nearing Completion!
  • Energy Saving Tip of the Month: What is YOUR Favorite?
  • Inspirational Quote

Can you really save energy inside by landscaping outside? You sure can!

It might seem a little strange to think that what you do outdoors can have an impact on your electric bill indoors, but it's true.

You can even start with plants and mulch if you don't have the benefit of older shade trees in your yard.

Be sure to read Energy Efficient Landscaping and see what ideas you can incorporate to save funds this summer and into the future.

Also, check out the Easy Landscaping Ideas page for more great outdoor hints.

P.S. - The links at the bottom of each page are there for your convenience - digging deeper can turn up some golden nuggets for saving you time and money.

Be sure to bookmark this site and keep your eye on it - new pages are being added consistently to help you live better and save more!

Green Product Review of the Month:
Sizzling Solar Energy

As gas prices continue to rise, many are turning to solar power to help cut their home energy costs. Did you know that there are hefty tax credits currently available for residential solar power users?

Check out these brand new pages on Solar Power Facts - and learn more about Residential Solar Power - more pages are coming in the near future - watch your email in-box for the updates!

Energy Saving Tip Of The Month

We want YOUR Tips!

I love the Spring, because when the weather is mild to warm, I know I will save money on my electric bill. I simply open the windows in the evening to let in the cooler air, and close them during the day if the temperature reaches into the 80s. No air conditioning needed!

What is YOUR favorite energy saving tip?

Let's share our favorites and help each other save on those pesky energy bills this year.

Go to the How To Save Energy page and scroll down past the Top Ten Tips. Then leave us your favorite and share it with the world! (Leaving your name is optional)

Let's help each other stretch those dollars until they SCREAM for mercy!

Quote of the Month

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890, Dutch Painter)

Live Green. Save Green. Dream Green.

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