Dream Green Bulletin – Issue 115

Welcome to the 1st December Edition of the Dream Green Bulletin!

In this issue:
  • Green Gift Ideas!

  • Green product review: Types of Floor Tile

  • Energy Saving Tip of the Month: Passive Solar Energy
    + What is YOUR Favorite Money-Saving Tip?

  • Inspirational Quote

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Make it a Green Gift Christmas!

Looking for some unusual Christmas gifts?

Why not give something special for that person you love?

Here are some great ideas - you can check them out at the click of a mouse!

Save Thousands While Building Your Home Without Being Your Own General Contractor?

Low Cost House Building offers some great ideas for your soon-to-be-built house, or that house-of-your-dreams you've always wanted.

Be sure to check it out right Here!

The #1 Seller in Home and Garden on the world's largest digital information site, Ted's WoodWorking is a must see!

If you have a man who loves to work with his hands, he's sure to love this hot seller!

Green Product Review of the Month:
Types of Floor Tile

Do you remember Grandma's tile flooring?

Believe it or not, they still make it today - but in a wide array of colors and styles and types, of course!

Few are aware of the vast variety of tile that can be purchased for all sorts of applications in the home.

* Check out Types of Floor Tile page for compelling information and a great pic.

Energy Saving Tip Of The Month

Passive Solar Energy+ We want YOUR Tips!

Does your home provide passive solar heat?

Well, now that we've had a blast of fall weather and winter is on its way, I want to mention a tip few people ever think of.

If you have any metal outside doors with dark paint that are south facing, you may snag some solar heat without much effort.

We have a dark blue front door, made of metal for safety purposes. I have noticed that once the sun gets high enough in the sky, that the door will heat up and the sun shines in the living room pretty intensely.

So from about 10:00 am - 3:00 pm on sunny days, my front door stays open and my heat can be turned down - and the light is great for standing in or sitting in as well.

What is YOUR favorite energy saving/going green tip?

Let's share our favorites and help each other save on those pesky energy bills this year.

Go to the More Going Green Tips page and scroll down the page. Then leave us your favorite and share it with the world! (Leaving your name is optional)

Let's help each other stretch those dollars until they SCREAM for mercy!

Quote of the Month

"Great hopes make everything great possible." -- Benjamin Franklin, Statesman

Live Green. Save Green. Dream Green.

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