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I'm not crazy over the idea of an "about me" page, as I would rather talk about what would help you in your quest for better health for your family, and a better life for you and for those you love.

But the truth is, many of us in these turbulent financial times, may wonder what kind of job offers security and peace of mind. Perhaps my story will give you some inspiration.

Is it a even a possibility that you could work from home and create another income stream for yourself....and possibly even work yourself out of that 9-5 (or whatever your hours are) J-O-B?


I have been self-employed for a number of years. I guess the reasons why are multiple - I like to be my own boss, I like to decide how best to use my hours, and I like to be around as much as possible when my kids are home.

But it hasn't been easy.

And the pay hasn't always been so great.

Internet Business Dream

I've had a dream for years about having a business one day on the World Wide Web.... but the fact is, the whole idea seemed pretty overwhelming. How could I, whose knowledge didn't exceed checking e-mail, surfing e-bay and doing an occasional search on Google, possibly learn to build a website?

I began to open my mind and heart to the possibilities. And on three separate occasions within about a 3 day period, I kept hearing about a system that seemed to resonate with my e-business dream.

Since I had been researching a lot without much encouragement, this caught my attention.

My dream of an internet business was not merely to bring in more income (though we needed that). My dream was to continue to be available to my kids when they needed me.

When they were small, they needed me around a whole lot. Now, as young people in their teens and early 20s, availability is just as important - except now it needs to be on their terms and in their time.

Just my being "around home" - consistently - brings a sense of stability to these turbulent years when so many crucial decisions have to be made.

Why is it important for me to be at home?

Because no amount of money, technological gadgets, or the most expensive private school education can replace the influence of a loving, caring and available parent.

Unexpected Benefits

Running your own business from home doesn't give you medical benefits or sick leave as many 9-5 jobs may. But the unexpected benefits are numerous.

One huge unexpected benefit that owning an e-business has brought has to do with my 86 year old dad.

My mom suffered with health problems for years, and had many surgeries and medical expenses. She and my dad raised 6 of us kids, and now have many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Unfortunately, in February of 2007, my mom died unexpectedly.

She and my dad had been married just shy of 59 years. Besides the typical path of grief when a loved one dies suddenly - my dad also had serious medical debt to contend with and needed to continue to work.

Dad's work in the field of entertainment has been a blessing. It continues to give him a reason to get up every morning.

But most exciting to me has been how my e-business has expanded to include my dad.

A Passion - A Purpose
Influence and Inspiration

My experience with this website was so positive, that I felt confident enough to start a website for my dad. Now, he shares his passion with me, and I send it all over the world via his website.

  • I watch his eyes light up as we talk about new ideas and pages for his site.

  • I see him get excited to research more so he can share his unique knowledge and perspective with people he will never have the privilege to meet personally.

  • I note how he seems to come more alive while reliving memories that will inspire others.

  • I am thrilled that he is leaving his legacy in a format that will be accessed and viewed for decades to come - and that his offspring will have a living testament of what he loves.

Oh, and we're also very happy that Dad can look forward to supplementing his income by sharing his passion with the world!

What is Your Passion, Your Dream?

Believing it is possible to fulfill your dreams is the first step to making a difference in your own life - and then making a difference in the lives of many others.

You can accomplish this with the help of a solid and proven plan!

Click here for more information about the system that took me by the hand - and helped turn my dreams into reality. This same system can help you crystallize and develop your own talents to bring your passion to the world!

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