Asthma Symptoms

What You Must Know
Your ability to recognize asthma symptoms in your child, yourself, or anyone near or dear to you could help save a life.

If you notice a breathing problem in your young child, the experience can make your knees knock and your body tremble.

Here is my oldest son Daniel's Story.

Daniel's asthma was life threatening on several occasions. He was hospitalized and even the nebulizer treatments at times had little positive effect. I had to learn what triggered his asthma attacks, but this proved hard to prevent. He seemed to be an allergic child, dealing often with skin rashes and sneezing. His attacks generally lasted for 3 days, day and night. At times, it was traceable to yet another allergic reaction; at other times it developed after he caught a cold or other illness.
It was scary to deal with.

What is Asthma?

infant asthma

Asthma is a type of respiratory system distress. It has a strong link to allergies and is often said to be a chronic condition. The airway passages constrict during an attack, and become inflamed. These airway tubes also become lined with excessive amounts of mucus, which often results in coughing episodes. There are levels of severity which vary according to the individual.

Asthma Symptoms

Following are some common symptoms of asthma. These are usually a result of an asthma trigger (or triggers) such as mold, food allergies, dust or pollution.

  • Wheezing -this is almost like a whistling sound noticed when the person breathes

  • Shortness of breath

  • Rapid heart rate (called tachycardia)

  • Coughing episodes

  • Abnormal chest inflation (almost looks like a balloon over inflating when inhaling)

Also, keep in mind that when you can't breathe, you can easily panic. Children may panic even more so. What we might mistake for a "tantrum" may be persistent cries of distress. Observe your child and see if he/she has any of these symptoms. If you are concerned, see your physician.

Asthma and Green Building

Since asthma attacks are often traceable to triggers, it is essential that we remove as many pollutants as possible - both before there is a problem, and absolutely after the condition is diagnosed.

Green building embraces non toxic living and breathing.

Your breath is your life.

What are you and your family breathing?

Please make it your business to find out.

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