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What Basement designs appeal to you the most? Do you already have a bunch of ideas for how you would like to remodel or refinish your lower level space?

If you know you want to turn that unfinished area into a functional or inspirational extended living area, there are plenty of places you can go for ideas.

If you have a neighborhood Lowe's or other Home Improvement store, they carry glossy magazine style books with oodles of ideas for segmenting and customizing your dreary space - particularly if you are a do-it-yourself-er.

In addition, they will carry pretty much anything you may need for a DIY basement project.

Ikea Inspiration

Ikea is another great place to go for inspiration, ideas and items for implementation.

You might also check out HGTV and other home improvement type shows, and look online for images, photos and videos of basement designs and projects that particularly appeal to you.

Many home style magazines feature pictures of before and after spaces as well, and you can clip and collect different styles and features that appeal to you. Keep your basement "dream notebook" and keep everything related to your project in one place. It will enable you to think more clearly about it when all of the various pieces of the project have their home in one location.

In addition, you can keep an online folder of pictures and features you like as well. You'll begin to notice patterns and repetition of the styles that appeal most to you.

But I Don't Want to Do It Myself - Is There an Inexpensive Done For You Option?

A custom basement designed by an architect and put into place by a builder can become very expensive.

Do you have an alternative if you are not (or don't want to be) a do-it-yourself-er?

There are numerous basement "systems" that offer the convenience of separate spaces, but with the advantage of not requiring "from scratch" purchase of materials and contractors.

One of the most well-known is the famous Pink Panther basement system - you've probably seen the commercials touting the benefits of the Owens-Corning basement system.

With construction typically completed within two weeks (according to the commercials) and the material installed having a solid soundproofing quality, it's a good possibility that you can continue to reside in the same house with your son's teenage band or your daughter's slumber party without losing your hair!

Basement designs can be sleek, simple, fun, flashy, or professional - it's all up to you and what your family needs.

The customizing is the fun part - after you list what you want, price out your alternatives and get busy on that lower level wonderland. You'll add value to your home in the process and you'll also enjoy the extra space it affords you.

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