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It seems a universal desire to transform our living spaces. Basement finishing ideas range from the intensely practical (laundry area, electrical and water systems) to the fabulously fun (media room, recreation room, etc).

Enjoy scrolling down through these pictures of basement renovation ideas intended to inspire
you to expand your living area in practical, yet beautiful ways.

Could your family use a separate bedroom for a child or teen? How about their own basement bathroom?

Do you desire to have a second kitchen for large get-togethers?
What about a game room for fun and fellowship with friends and family?


basement finishing ideas, basement bedroom

Basement Bedroom

basement finishing ideas, basement bath, basement bathroom

Basement Bath

basement renovation ideas, basement kitchen

Basement renovation: New Kitchen

By now, you realize that your basement space can look just as fabulous as any upper-level room - your imagination and your budget are the only limitations!

You can go for a simple look, or create a haven that is breathtakingly beautiful.

What do you think of the following picture of a basement rec room? Hard to believe, isn't it? Well, seeing is believing in this case!

basement ideas, basement finishing ideas, basement rec room

Gorgeous Basement Recreation Room

So go ahead and can use the same funnel approach for planning that you would use to build a dream green home. Just substitute entire systems for what you would love to have in your basement space.

Explore this website and research green options for finishing your basement - as well as for building or remodeling any area of your home.

Above all, enjoy where you are - on the way to where you're going!

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