Basement Flooring Options

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3. Wood Flooring
Often a first choice for many homeowners, wood can be installed in an area that is dry.

If your basement is moisture laden, choose another option, such as perhaps even a painted concrete. Hardwood flooring types include maple, birch, oak and beech. Woods that are considered softer include the popular and cost effective pine, fir, and hemlock.

Wood can come in plank form, strips, parquet and laminate. Typically, most hardwood these days comes pre-finished and usually has UV-cured polyurethane layers to help protect and preserve the original finish.

Advantages to refinished wood flooring includes the prevention of off-gassing of chemical sealers and stains which new home owners may smell for months following the installation of unfinished wood, which is finished on site.

Laminates are another wood-like option - they are typically cheaper and have more of a "plastic-y" feel, but can work. Hardwoods, though, will increase the subsequent value of your home, and may be a good move. Wood is not that difficult to care for, it is beautiful in appearance, and is quite durable.

4. Ceramic or stone tiles
These come in a variety of sizes and styles. They may be unglazed or glazed - tiles already glazed can be quite slippery when wet, and are not recommended for use in your bathrooms for that reason.

Tile tends to be cool (or cold) to the touch as well, and don't tend to be comfortable if you need to stand for long periods of time. On the other hand, ceramics or stone are quite durable and are simple to clean.

You might opt for darker colors, as light colors may appear dirty in a hurry. Also keep in mind that any breakable dropped on the tile is likely to - well, break! These floors do not "give". They are also not particularly sound absorbing.

Tile or stone can be excellent for those with asthma or allergies, as they will not harbor dust, dirt, or mites. Choose water based sealers
and grout to lessen harmful chemical emissions.

Ceramic tiles can last a long time and add increased value to our home as well.

It's not unusual to choose different types of flooring for different rooms in your basement. The sky - and your budget - are the only limits here! Consider the above suggestions and also take a good look at using natural, quality flooring as it will last longer, and add more value to your living space.

My Personal Basement Flooring Option Favorite

My personal favorite? A natural linoleum often referred to as "Marmoleum". It's a natural product with a-z options for colors and styles, and is long lasting and durable.

It gets my A-1 seal of approval!

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