How to Compare Basement Plans

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When you compare basement plans, you need to keep in mind your family’s wants and needs. Is it a wide open space that will prove to be most beneficial? Or do you need something more like an in-law suite? Your budget is another consideration.

A wide open space will be less expensive. Adding partitions, cabinets and closets will add to the cost of your remodel, but those things will also add to the livability of the design.

The family room design is one of the most popular. But, in order to get the family to spend time in the room, certain items are practical necessities. A half bath is an example.

If you plan to use the area for entertaining, you might also want to add a kitchenette and a counter large enough to serve as an eating area. Adding stools completes this set up and is particularly popular with teenagers. Parents like the idea too. It keeps the kids in one place, which means less mess in other parts of the house.

The area will likely be used for TV watching. Instead of buying a TV stand or entertainment center, you could choose built-in cabinets. It’s an especially good idea for a small space.

Basement Remodeling Tips

Basement remodeling tips from experts usually focus first on waterproofing. In basements that are prone to flooding, it may be necessary to install a sump pump or make other efforts to protect against water damage.

Not all disasters can be planned for of course. But, there are ways to ensure that your property is not damaged during a heavy rainfall. Contractors usually suggest that you have a battery backup for your sump pump. In the event of a power outage, your pump will still work and your floor will stay dry.

Other helpful basement remodeling tips have to do with hiding the support poles or beams. You can’t get rid of them, of course. So, what do you do with them?

One idea is to cover them with drywall. You can try to make them look like decorative columns. The poles can also become a room partition or wall. The entertainment center can be attached to them.

Those are just a few suggestions. Use your imagination and try to have fun and get creative with problem areas like poles, pipes and vents.

Instead of using do-it-yourself basement plans, you might consider hiring a professional. It could turn out to be less expensive in the long run.

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