Basement Remodeling Ideas

A list of basement remodeling ideas can help you begin your brainstorming about how you would like to transform your basement living area. Keep in mind that basement renovations not only provide extra space and beauty to your home, but will increase the resale value of your house if properly built.

The most popular home renovations are those of the kitchen, bathrooms and basements. So you're not alone in your quest to make your real estate more living - friendly!

Renovating can be stressful at times - particularly if you have children. Of course, if no one lives in the basement, it will be a lot easier. If you do laundry or other tasks regularly in the basement, you'll want to plan ahead. Perhaps the easiest solution would be to put the lower level off limits until the basement remodeling is complete (you can always use the laundromat in a pinch).

Best Basement Remodeling Tips

The contractor you choose will have a lot to do with how happy you will be with your finished product. So do your homework. Here is a quick list of things to ask any potential contractors who may work in your space.

* Ask for at least 3 references, and be sure to follow up on them. Obviously, a personal referral is one of the highest recommendations you can get!

* Ask for their credentials (i.e. - are they a licensed contractor?)

* Does he carry any liability insurance in case of any unforeseen damage that may occur?

* Does he carry workman's compensation?

* How long has he (his company) been in business?

* What kind of remodeling does he specialize in? Do they have plumbing and electrical licensing?

* Do they use only their own crew of builders or will there be subcontractors involved?

* How will he get the required permits needed, such as plumbing, electrical, and building? Does he handle all of this?

* Ask what kind of deposit he requires and also ask to review a copy of the building contract.

The written building / renovation contract should include the following elements:

1) Scope of the work
2) Price
3. Payment arrangements
4) Deposit amount
5) Work Schedule and timetable for completion of the project
6) Disposal of materials and Clean-up protocol

Ideally, the person you hire will be a member in good standing of a local builder's association as well.

For part II - choosing the best bidder, click here on More Basement Remodeling Ideas.

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