Benefits of Going Green

What are the personal benefits of going green? Of course, living a “greener” life helps to preserve out natural resources, but can it also help YOU?
Small changes and big changes alike in both your living and your lifestyle can have a big impact over time in any area of life, and going greener is no exception.

So how can you help both the earth as well as yourself?

Here are a few things you can do:

Reduce wasted electricity
• Recycle non-biodegradable products
• Eat organic foods when possible
• Use naturally created products
• Consider a “green” vehicle

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to going green in your lifestyle. The benefits are many, and you could come up with quite an extensive list if you sit down to think about it.

And don’t feel like this is a political exercise – it certainly is not. I’m not talking about issues of contention among political parties, but each of us doing what we can to make a safer place for our children and ourselves.

So what are some of these benefits of going green?

Cutting Costs

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Arguably one of the biggest benefits of going green, cutting back on expensive fuel and electricity, as well as making wise travel decisions, can be very pocketbook friendly.

Your awareness of how much, when and what type of appliances you use can also benefit your purse strings as well. Recycling is another easy activity you can take to help save energy on mass production of household items.

Healthier Living

By heightening awareness and cutting down on pollution, we can keep the oxygen we breathe for life cleaner and less toxic. This leads to healthier lung function and a better quality of life.

The better the air quality, the better your health, and the healthier the environment becomes. This results in the growing of healthier foods, which leads to a more superior state of health and environment.

Perks Up the Environment We Live In

Helping the environment essentially means improving your own way of life. Your risk of becoming ill gets drastically reduced. Cancer, asthma, and allergies would all be decreased with a healthier atmosphere.

Using green cleaners to clean your home instead of toxic chemicals will give your cleaner, fresher air to breathe inside your home – which is where most of us spend the majority of our time.

Boosts the Economy

Many mistakenly believe that going green is very expensive. This is not necessarily the case at all!

By bringing green technologies and products into the mainstream, the US and other countries are expanding their capacity to produce their own energy instead of such a heavy dependence on foreign oil. This in turn saves money spent on gasoline, and can help produce new jobs.

Helps You Feel Good About Yourself

When you make even small changes that you know are good for your children as well as for yourself, you’ll feel better about yourself. Recycling, using safer products, eating food as much as possible in its natural state, and saving on fuel costs are all small actions that, when put together, can make a huge impact on our world.

Stronger Communities

Did you know that homes are responsible for approximately 38% of carbon dioxide emissions, at least 12% of water consumption, and 30% of landfill garbage?

Green homes (built new or remodeled that way) will lead to better communities with cleaner air and healthier families - a more desirable place to settle down.

Healthier Hearts

More physical benefits of going green include a healthier heart. Chemicals and other hazards are reduced when you go green, and harmful toxins in the air are reduced. This in turn reduces heart disease, and the risks are drastically reduced for some conditions.

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Infectious Diseases Are Minimized

With healthier environments and healthier bodies, the risk of epidemics and pandemics are greatly reduced, and our immune systems can better fight off infections.

The benefits of going green impact your life physically, financially, emotionally and environmentally. The more changes you begin to implement over time, the more benefit you will receive. You can live a happier and healthier lifestyle, and protect your children from the onslaught of chemically induced disease.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that anything you can do would be too small to make an impact. Every little bit counts, and every right decision adds to the overall health of your family, community, nation and world.

Nowadays, going green is a sizzling hot topic, and more people consider it normal and natural to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. After all, it can only help both you and the world in which you live.

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