Building Site:
Regulations and Restrictions

Will the building site you are considering mesh with your home plans?

Will the land and your dream home make a good "fit"?

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Regulations and Restrictions

  • Is the area zoned for building?
    Is it government-protected property?

  • Is there a clear title for this lot/land?

  • In what zoning district is the property?
    Is it zoned only for residential homes or are businesses allowed as well?
    What future development is planned?

  • If the lot is in a subdivision, what are the Covenants and Restrictions requirements and prohibitions?
    Be certain to check ahead of your purchase - your dream home may not necessarily fit someone else's requirements.

  • What, if any, easements are on the land you are considering?

  • Are there setback requirements?

  • What about septic field requirements?
    You may discover that your home cannot be built where you had hoped because of septic field requirements.

    Contact the septic engineers to ask if any adjustments can be made
    (for example, can the septic system be routed from behind the home so you can save the trees in front?)

Be sure to factor in any and all requirements for the property before you set your heart on it. Can you live with the restrictions?

In some cases, regulations may provide the structure you long for to help narrow down your decision-making process.

In any event, I hope you walk into your property purchase with your eyes wide open. Enjoy the journey!

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