Cork Floor Tile

Cork floor tile, which may also come in cork floor planks, is regaining popularity for a number of reasons. See a listing of impressive benefits here.

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Cork can come untreated, but is often coated
with polyurethane or wax to extend the life of the product.
It is no longer terribly difficult to
find a company who uses zero-VOC adhesives,
or to find a water-based polyurethane. Ask
about this, especially if you know you are
sensitive to chemicals.

Cork is quite durable, but it is susceptible to fading if exposed to bright sunlight for extended periods of time. Keep this in mind particularly if you plan to have passive solar heating in your home. Of course, you can cover the windows with curtains. Some people do not mind natural fading that occurs over time.

Cleaning Cork Floors

Proper care of cork floors may enable your flooring to last for decades! The beautiful truth is, it doesn't take much effort to clean cork floor tile.

It is naturally stain resistant and has some waterproofing qualities as well. Still, many companies recommend a sealer of some type, as discussed above.

Cleaning cork floors is as simple as damp mopping with water and a mild soap. Soap formulated for hardwood floors is acceptable (one brand is Murphy's Oil Soap). Simple!

Cork Flooring Companies

There are numerous cork flooring companies from which to choose.
Just as for bamboo hardwood flooring, do your research to determine if the company is reputable and stands behind their warranty. The best companies will also educate you concerning their products, and help answer any questions you may have.

You may also want to ask for samples of the flooring to ensure that the smell does not cause any problems for you. Once sealed, any odors should be minimal, but test just to be sure.

Three of the top manufacturers of Cork Flooring are:

  • Natural Cork
  • Expanko
  • Globus

You may find that the cork tile is carried locally. If so, you may not have the high shipping costs or gas-burning required if you simply go through an internet site that ships directly.

Expanko has a large variety of cork styles including a tile that looks like granite! The designs you may create with cork floor tiles is only limited by your imagination.

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