The Cost of Solar Panels is
Lower Than You Think

Think the cost of solar panels is probably out of reach?

While technology is improving the efficiency and technology behind solar energy every day, there is still a lot to learn and discover.

The good news is the cost of solar panels has decreased dramatically over the last several years, with some estimates stating that it has been fully cut in half over the past decade.

While the above statement may be true for many types of solar panels, the cost will vary widely based on the size of the system and the type of panels you need.

Premade Solar Panel Costs

Premade solar panel costs can vary quite a bit depending on a number of factors. To compare the cost of two panels, the best idea is to compare the price per watt. Some panels may be older and less efficient. These will have a lower price per watt but will also produce less electricity per square foot.

It is not a problem if you have a lot of room but if you’re struggling to find space to put your panels, a more expensive option would likely be best.

The difference is in the technology as well as how long the panel has been in use. Used panels are quite a bargain if you can fit them in, but you will have to buy more of them.

Plenty Of Room For Solar Panels?

For those who have plenty of room and
do not plan to hook their system to a local electric grid,
homemade solar panels would be the most cost effective.
Click Here for great DIY information.

Manufacturers sell scrap cells that were damaged while making the professional cells. There is nothing wrong with them except that they are not as efficient as the perfect cells.

However, the price difference is substantial. A homemade panel made from scrap cells can cost less than three dollars per watt, which is nearly a third of the cost of solar panels that were manufactured. At this price, a panel could cost as little as a couple hundred dollars.

The Cost of Solar Panels on the Internet

The internet hosts many conflicting prices on solar panels. Some say as little as four or five dollars while other sites will tell you closer to twelve dollars a watt.

Of course part of this is because there are so many different types of panels out there, from the old panels that are using the technology of several years ago to those such as the solar roof tiles and the thin film panels, which are mostly made using cutting edge technologies and produce a lot more power per square foot.

If you’re looking to calculate solar panel cost, do some research, and look into a few of them. Once you have two or three options picked out, it will be easier to calculate the cost per watt and find the best deal for you.

In a world where the price of everything is rising, the cost of solar panels is thankfully decreasing with time.

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