The True Definition of Green?

Many folks want to know the bottom line definition of green – there’s so much confusing information floating around the internet space about it.

It’s not about a political party, or a pollution theory,
but about making the world in which we live safer
for our families and our future heritage.

Some call is a movement – the green movement or environmentalism. But don’t let the lingo prevent you from taking action – the simple truth is that the small, seemingly insignificant actions we take to make the world better for our small corner of life have the sum total of huge changes for the better if implemented on a massive scale.

Health for Man and Beast

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Steps towards going green not only have to do with protecting our earth’s natural resources, but also extend to maintaining and preserving a healthy ecosystem for the myriads of wildlife that live on planet earth. And the preservation of this ecosystem invariably affects human beings on earth as well.

Endangered or extinct species are ever growing, and the truth is that we cannot reverse the actions that were taken (or not taken) leading to the extinction of some of God’s most beautiful creations. But we can do something about the future.

Contrary to popular belief, going green is not only about protecting our environment – it’s also about the personal care and maintenance of human beings who live on this planet. This includes caring for the body in a sustainable manner – which also includes the concept of physical fitness.

Going Green and Physical Fitness?

Many people may not think of physical fitness in the lineup of going green tips, but the truth is that people who keep their bodies in good condition feel better, accomplish more, give back more to their fellow man, and require less health care, which is an enormous expense saver.

Back To Basics

Instead of viewing the definition of green as some passing fad, many are beginning to see it more for what it really is – getting back to the basics of care for the land, care and respect for wildlife, and care for ourselves – back to the way our great-grandparents lived.

Is the green movement important?

Protecting mankind and wildlife and our habitation is an important part of the future. Taking action to live in a cleaner and safer place, and staying healthy and active are steps we all can take.

We don’t like clutter in our homes – it is suffocating – so also is pollution and rubbish in our towns and cities. Instead of littering and thoughtless lifestyles, just pick it up and recycle it – exercise it and preserve it – conserve and appreciate it.

Your simple actions repeated over time will start a movement for the better!

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