Easy Landscaping Ideas

Looking for easy landscaping ideas? Working in your yard is a great way to relieve stress, get exercise, and breathe in some fresh air. The problem is that many of us have little time to devote to keeping up a complex landscape design.

Try a few easy landscaping ideas and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful yard that requires little maintenance and almost no expertise.

Before starting to actually work in your yard, you need to consider the type of yard you have and the space you have as well. Is your yard slanted? Are there a lot of rocks? Is it shady or sunny? Once you have these factors in mind, you can start looking for easy landscaping ideas. Look at your neighbor’s yard, watch some gardening shows, or peruse some magazines and books.

One of the best landscaping ideas is to start with what you already have and create a design around that.

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Is there a nice shade tree in your yard? Try planting some bright flowers around the base. Do you have a lot of medium to large sized rocks lying around? Gather them up and use them as borders for your flower garden.

If your yard is small, you probably want to make it look larger. There are a couple of easy landscaping ideas that can be used to optimize the space you have. First, use curves to create the illusion of space. Curves can help your lawn look bigger. Sidewalks, entryways, and borders can all be curved.

Raised flower or garden beds are a good way to make the most use of the space you have. Raised beds have many advantages including superior soil structure that can increase the number of plants that you can grow in a small space. They are also easier to keep clean since they don’t grow as many weeds.

Landscaping Mulch

Adding mulch to your garden is another simple landscaping method. Mulch can benefit your garden by preventing weed growth and holding in moisture. That means less watering and weeding for you. Mulch comes in a number of different materials and varieties.

Rubber mulch is made from old tires, while you can use wood chips from a recently removed tree as well. If you don’t want mulch heavily but also don’t want to weed, try using landscaping fabric. You can buy it in rolls at many gardening or home improvement stores and it’s easy to install. Just roll it out, cut around plants and secure it along the borders of your garden.

These and other simple landscaping ideas can be implemented to make your yard look more attractive. Just take your time and work as you can and you’ll have a great looking lawn in short order.

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