Eco Building Materials:
Sustainable Green Buildings Are Affordable!

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What are eco building materials and why might you consider using them if you are building a new home or remodeling your existing dwelling?

Sustainable or eco friendly building materials are building products that are quickly and easily replenished. They are products that are harvested in such a way that the environmental ecosystem is not irreparably damaged.

Bamboo is a product that quickly comes to mind for many people. Actually a grass instead of a tree, bamboo is processed and used for hardwood flooring, furniture and dishes, in addition to other uses. It is rapid growing, and easily replaced, so there is no harm at all from using it for such purposes.

Solar cells are another example of a product that could be considered sustainable. Although not created from sustainable materials per se, they do produce clean and cheap energy using the sun as a source, and providing power and electricity to many homes and businesses.

What Types of Materials Could Be Classified
as Eco Building Products?

Although there is no national or global certification entity that covers building materials overall, there are some words you can key in on that would likely classify the product as sustainable, helping you to know where to focus your research to help you make a wise decision.

These include:

• Low Emitting Building Materials

• Energy Savings (such as Energy Star, for instance)

• Low flow or water miser products

• FSC Certified

• Low or no VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds)

• Recycled Materials

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Where can you find these types of building materials?

You'll not only want to know WHAT to look for, but also where to look to find these eco friendly building materials. Click on sustainable green building products for much more about what, where, and top tips to enhance the performance of these green products in your home.

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