Kitchen Trends:
Eco Friendly Countertops

One of the latest kitchen trends is eco friendly countertops. These beautiful, environmentally safe additions to your kitchen can be installed in a new home or during a remodel.

With the variety of materials and designs, you should have no problem finding one to match your kitchen. Or, you could design your kitchen around your new countertops.

Quartz Countertops

Ceramic Tile Countertops

There are plenty of choices when it comes to material for your eco friendly countertops. There are also different degrees of eco friendly.

For instance, while granite is more eco friendly than a countertop that uses formaldehyde as a sealant, or something made of synthetic materials, granite is not an easily renewable or recyclable resource. It also comes in a limited number of colors.

granite countertops, radon in granite countertops

If you do decide to go with granite countertops, you can make them more eco friendly by using already mined remnants, and the use of low VOC sealants. In addition, be sure to have your granite tested for radon , as recent news reports indicate that some sources of granite may give off high levels of this dangerous gas. Testing the rock is not that difficult, but is a wise precaution to take.

Allergies, Asthma and
Eco-Friendly Materials

Many eco friendly countertops are made out of recycled materials and are quite attractive. Recycled glass tiles , light bulbs, cement, plastics, (such as Corian) or paper are just a few of your many options. There are also Terrazzo countertops made from recycled bottles and auto glass. If a low VOC resin, like corn oil resin, is used, these countertops are not only beautiful, but also are highly eco friendly.

Bamboo is also a great choice of material. It is highly renewable since more can be grown quickly, and looks great.

By taking advantage of the current kitchen trends when it comes to green building, you not only are making your corner of the world safer, but you are also improving the health of your family.

Green materials and processes are safer because they don’t emit dangerous fumes such as formaldehyde for your family to breathe. This can be especially important if you have small children. Children breathe much faster than adults, and so have a much higher exposure to chemicals in their developing lungs.

Most of the chemicals used in traditional methods have not been tested for safety, and this is a serious concern, especially as it relates to children. Many respiratory ailments, including childhood asthma, have been attributed to breathing the gases these chemicals let off in the home.

What About the Cost of Green Kitchen Trends?

Many people are concerned about the cost of going green. In reality, the cost of using eco friendly materials is usually about the same as any other materials. Most major companies are now offering these environmentally conscious alternatives, and they are available in most areas.

Wood, metal and glass are all great options for improving the look of your kitchen, and are all eco friendly. Your personal needs and preferences will be the deciding factor in which you choose.

Whatever option you go with, the choices for eco friendly countertops are many, and you’re sure to find one that fits your personality and your vision of your dream green kitchen.

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