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Eco friendly packaging is on the rise as yet another of the many ways to go green. From growing sources of organic foods to electric cars, more and more people are opting to do what they can to make the world a safer and more energy efficient space.

Because of the growing problem of pollution and toxic landfills, more packaging companies are opting to product biodegradable materials for their shipping. A rising number of businesses and companies are jumping aboard with this eco friendly packaging.

Going Green Packaging Tips

eco friendly packaging tips,paper or plastic

If you are looking for a way to live in a more eco-friendly way in both your home and office, try opting for paper bags as opposed to plastic bags or film.

Paper bags offer the advantage of helping fruits and vegetables “breathe” and ripen effectively. Paper also absorbs most moisture and condensation. Brown paper bags or even newspaper can be used in lieu of plastic in your kitchen.

wax paper picture,eco friendly packaging,going green Another alternative to cling film (“Cling Wrap” as it is sometimes called) is to use a grease proof or waxed paper. It can be used to pack sandwiches, heat foods in the microwave, and a hundred other uses. Also, reusable containers such as Tupperware can be used over and over for years without having to toss them - and even then they can be recycled.

You might also opt for freezer bags, which you will wash and reuse. This cuts down on disposable containers, which add to the landfill issue.

When you shop, buy your fruits and veggies loose – not wrapped in cling plastic. An easy option is to carry a bamboo or reusable cloth-type bag designed to cut down on plastic waste. Many stores sell these at a nominal charge, and using them can save significantly.

Choose green packaging whenever possible when you have options at the store. Eggs and many other items are offered in eco friendly packaging more of the time now.

Recycling to Save Energy

Recycling is one of the best strategies for going green that is both popular and beneficial. After all, if you’re going to toss it anyway, why not help by tossing into a recycle bin instead of the trashcan?

Why recycle?

tree picture,eco friendly packaging

It helps to save trees, which produce oxygen, and it reduces waste. As landfills become more and more saturated, more resources are sucked up, and more energy is being sapped to deal with it. Energy is not a limitless commodity.

Recycling also reduces chemicals that are used to manufacture items and thus can help to preserve timber, mineral ores, and even petroleum. Also, recycling helps protect rainforest, streams, rivers, wetlands and lakes from excessive damage. Doing so protects the habitats of many wildlife species, and provides both man and beast a healthier and safer place to live.

Using recycled green packaging also reduces the amount of energy required to produce new packaging, thus reducing gas emissions and other pollutants from messing up our air supply.

Biodegradable materials in the form of eco-friendly packaging cut down on the speed that landfills reach their max. Since harmful chemicals escape from these trash dumpsites, and pollute both our water and air supplies, this is significant.

These steps are not difficult – but so vital to our planet’s well-being. Buy and use eco-friendly packaging whenever possible and remember to recycle. The health of your children and grandchildren will be all the better for it.

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