Eco Friendly Products:
Eco Building Materials and Decor Options

There are numerous advantages to buying eco friendly products. Actually, it’s one of the best and easiest ways to get started in going green.

Although the entire “green movement” (as some call it) may seem to be a passing fad, in reality it is an essential way of life we are returning to which can add not only years to our life, but life to our years as well.

What exactly are some eco friendly products that you can buy? First, start small and look to purchase paper products. Most often, they are recyclable. Paper often beats plastic because paper is biodegradable.

For instance, did you know that your newspapers are recyclable in your own yard? If you have mulching to do (and want to kill weeds), simply spread out sheets of newspaper in the area you wish to transform, wet the paper down with water, and put natural mulch on top. You’ll save on weed controlling fabric, and have a beautiful place at the same time!

Cotton or Bamboo?

eco friendly products, bamboo picture

Other good products to consider are those made with cotton or bamboo. Did you know that nylon and polyester making processes are harmful to the environment?

You can buy cotton products for your clothing needs, towels and cleaning supplies, and many other household items.

The up and coming bamboo is popular because it requires much less water to grow than does cotton, and is naturally resistant to pests. Keep your eyes peeled for all of the new products touting bamboo that are available now.

Residential Solar Energy

Turn towards the sun – and to solar energy. You can add solar panels to your home to conserve both energy and money, and to add the natural bright lighting the sun gives as a gift each day. Residential solar energy for your range of option in getting started with savings. Residential solar energy is one great alternative energy source in your range of options to get started with some serious savings.

Eco Friendly Products: Furniture

When you’re buying furniture, stick with natural materials. Opt for cotton or bamboo for the cloth. Using natural products from the earth are not only comfortable, but can be renewed easily as well. Keep this in mind for your Flooring types needs as well as the furniture you require for your home, patio or office.

You won’t run out of eco building materials options any time soon if you keep your eyes open for natural eco friendly products. You’ll be doing yourself a favor – and doing the earth a favor at the same time. Live healthy!

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