Electric Fireplace

Are you considering an electric fireplace?

If so, you might be wondering about the pros and cons of such an investment. Here's what you'll want to consider.

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Electric Fireplace Pros and Cons

In the advantages category, here are a list of reasons why you might want to consider an electric powered fireplace:

  • ease of use (plug into the wall!)
  • can be used without a chimney
  • portable corner or wall freestanding units may be used - no original fireplace necessary
  • no gas smell from errant fumes
  • no hauling of wood in and out in the icy cold of winter
  • no wood scraps, chips, or critters migrating into your home to light your fire

  • save money building your house by leaving out the fireplace
  • take it with you when you move (if freestanding version)

In the disadvantages category:

  • electricity may be more expensive than other fuel sources
  • some plastic, cheap-looking versions are sold - use caution when shopping
  • flames don't look as real as an actual fire would
  • amount of heat may vary, depending on the power of the unit
  • not a backup heat source if your power goes out

What Will You Choose?

As current trends signify, electric fireplaces are gaining in popularity. There is just nothing like the relaxation of watching flames - combustible or otherwise, dance in your fireplace, adding atmosphere and warmth to the place you call home.

And now, with the advent of electricity-fueled fireplaces, you can have this in your own home as well - even if you will never be able to install a chimney or hire a stone mason to put in a "real" one. Look for an energy saving model that is well built, has a good warranty, and looks beautiful. And then enjoy your winter with your very own hearth right in your living room!

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