Energy Efficient Home Design

The Wave of the Future is Here
Energy efficient home design is attracting a lot of attention. What with the cost of fuel and electricity skyrocketing and the promise of only more of the same in the foreseeable future, energy efficiency is on most of our minds.

Although it is obvious that saving energy will save you money, there are a multitude of ways that additional savings can be realized simply by carefully researching and planning an energy efficient home design from the start.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." -Ben Franklin

Planning Your Energy Efficient
Green Home

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Sometimes we tend to dismiss thinking activities as "wasted time" - we feel we need to be doing something. But planning time, as Ben Franklin's quote implies, is crucial to all of our hopes for success in any endeavor.

The great part about that is, even if you aren't in a position to build your green home quite yet, you can dream and research each facet of your home design

without having to pay a fortune for it!

The cliche' Pay me now, or pay me later is never truer than when it comes to planning your future green home. In fact, your thinking and research NOW may net you several thousand dollars worth of savings when you finally begin your building project.

Energy Efficient Home Tips

~ Consider hiring an architect to maximize your energy efficient space.
Depending on how "custom" you want your new home to be, an architect may actually end up saving you money in the long run.

~ Consider purchasing a home plan that was designed to be energy- efficient.
As the demand for such homes increases, more architects and home planners are responding with energy efficient designs.

~ Some builders offer a design option in addition to their construction services.
Do some research to decide if this might be a good fit for your particular circumstances.

~ Don't "overbuild" your foundation.
A structural engineer can tell you what the requirements are for the location you have chosen.
Also, consider a smaller "footprint" for your foundation - this could save you hundreds of dollars in materials. Rooms above the foundation can be bumped out or cantilevered a couple of feet without sacrificing safety.

~ Maximize your storage space (even in a small home) by planning to use otherwise "wasted" space.
* Will there be space under a staircase you can use for storage?
* Can your air return fit into a coat closet where it can be hidden but still functional?
* How about narrowing your hallways and increasing the room sizes?
* Butting out closets into the hall area will make the bedrooms bigger.

~ Plan to have all of the sleeping areas on the same floor.
This planning will enable you to choose a split HVAC system - with the option of only heating or cooling the floor you are currently occupying. This advanced type of "space heating" can save you many dollars.

~ Create an open floor plan.
This energy efficient home design not only will make your space feel bigger and more comfortable, but you will save on framing, drywall, electrical, trim, paint, and even air conditioning and heating costs!

~ Consider using the clean green power of solar in your home! Check out these interesting solar power facts for further consideration.

~ Consider building an ICF home .
Insulated Concrete Forms homes are famous for their high energy efficiency as well as for their safety and soundproofing qualities.

~ Look into SIPS construction .
Structural Insulated Panels are a popular option for more and more homeowners who desire a high level of insulation for their home.

~ With wood construction , ask about the Airtight Drywall Approach (ADA).
This system seeks to make the home as "tight" as possible to prevent drafts from hiking the energy usage and subsequent bills. There has never been a time in history when we have had so many options and avenues to pursue to save time, money and energy. Strongly consider an energy efficient home design. The coming energy crisis is near...make your preparations now.

So put in your "think time" - research and plan, and reap the rewards of an energy efficient green home.

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