Tips for Designing Energy Efficient

What exactly is energy efficient landscaping? With the high cost of living today, many of us are trying to find low cost ways to cut our bills. The electric bill is a great place to start. One way to do this is with energy efficient landscaping.

It can be a one time cost, or you can accomplish it a little bit at a time. Sometimes you can find the needed trees and shrubs for free.

Trees are great for providing shade in the yard, but did you know that they can also help cut your cooling costs? Having a shady yard means that your house is also shaded at least part of the day. Direct sunlight on a house is one of the biggest factors in how hot it gets and how hard your air conditioner has to work to cool it off.

Be sure not to plant the trees too close to the house as the roots have a tendency to grow into the foundation, but planting trees in your yard at a reasonable distance from the foundation will give them plenty of room to grow, and can keep them close enough to shade your house.

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You will also need to gauge the position of the sun at the different times of year to get the most effectiveness out of your tree placement. Pick spots that will throw shade over your house in summer but expose it to the sun during the cold months when heat in the house is needed.

Shrubs, bushes, and hedges are a vital part of energy efficient landscaping and a nice way to add beauty to your yard while helping your energy bill drop as well.
These plants can:

  • provide a natural sound barrier between you and your neighbors

  • block wind and sun rays

  • shade the pavement or concrete around you home.

Paved areas are a major contributor to the heat around your house, which in turn raises the heat level of your house. By shading these spots, you create a cooler overall climate immediately around your house.

Although many people don’t realize it, plants constantly release water vapor into the air. These vapors reduce the temperature of the area by as much as nine degrees. Energy efficient landscaping should include a well manicured lawn, and plenty of small plants.

Outdoor Solar Lighting Landscaping

Most people like having light in their yard or on their patio at night. Whether you frequently host parties, need lighting for safety, or just like the way it looks, the bills for lighting these areas can be needlessly expensive. Outdoor solar lighting landscaping can be an important part of your design.

Solar landscape lights cost nothing to run and only need occasional maintenance. The lights come in a wide array of styles and looks so it shouldn’t be difficult to find ways to incorporate them into your overall landscaping design.

There are many ways to incorporate energy efficient landscaping into your yard design. Outdoor solar lighting, shade trees, and bushes are a great start and many of the needed plants may already be on your property, cutting your costs even further.

Saving energy is becoming more important these days and small adjustments to your landscaping can help the environment and your wallet at the same time.

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