Facts About Radon

It is important to learn the facts about radon in order to protect your family from this hazardous substance. Although testing kits are readily available and inexpensive, they are not commonly used.

facts about radon,symptoms of radon poisoning

No matter where you live, it is unsafe to assume that the gas is not present in your home.

If you are thinking about buying a home, you should request that a test be conducted before you sign a contract. Real estate purchasers are advised by experts to delay or decline a purchase if the seller cannot abate the gas level to less than 4 PCI/L.

Is A Radon Seal Enough?

Abatement steps may include identifying, removing and isolating the source. Improved ventilation may be necessary, if the soil the house is built on is the problem. Sealing floors and walls is another option.

However, the EPA does not recommend the use of a radon seal alone. By itself, sealing has not been shown to lower levels “significantly or consistently”.

One of the recommended methods is to prevent entry of the hazardous material through soil suction. If possible, this should be done before building begins.

The second most recommended method is to use exhaust fans in the basement and take measures to ensure that the gas does not reach the upper levels of the home. A seal may be used to accomplish that goal. This is typically called radon remediation.

In case you are wondering why it is so important to get the gas out of your home, here are the health hazards. Radon-222 is a carcinogen. It causes cancer in humans when inhaled. Lung cancer is the primary concern. The gas is believed to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US , the United Kingdom and France.

It is particularly hazardous to cigarette smokers, as the gas attaches itself to cigarette smoke. This is an issue for second hand smoke, as well. There is also an established relationship between exposure to the gas and leukemia.

Symptoms of Radon Poisoning

This may be the biggest risk: there are no early symptoms of radon poisoning. Lung cancer could be the first symptom.

While new homes are less likely to be affected, it is still a good idea for every homeowner in the world to have testing conducted. Imagine the guilt you would feel if you failed to have testing conducted, your spouse or child developed lung cancer and you knew the facts about radon. Don’t delay.

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