Finding Land
for your Dream Green Home

Does the thought of finding land for your dream home feel overwhelming?

How do you begin to narrow down your choices?

After all, there many slices of God's green earth out there waiting for a purchaser.

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Looking For Land:
Determine a Radius

First of all, determine the general area in which you would like to live. You might begin by drawing a circle covering 15-30 miles of where you currently live, or where you envision living.

Perhaps you know you want to live in the city. Or maybe you know the city is not an option because you want to find land with a mountain or wooded view. Country living is what you dream of!

In any event, narrow down your options according to your preferences and requirements. Using the funnel approach is helpful here as well.

Find Land For Sale

Scroll through this list of some obvious and other not-so-obvious choices and come up with your plan of finding land.

    Real Estate Agents
    These professionals will likely be helpful in finding land that is for sale in your area. Your local Real Estate Association may publish a weekly news-type section with current homes and land for sale. Agents can also be quite helpful in informing you of the neighborhood you are considering, as well as local builders they recommend.

    Remember though, that these agents represent the seller, and not you, the buyer. It is to your advantage not to disclose just how much you are willing to pay for the land, as that information may get back to the seller and make the negotiations less flexible for you.

    Classified Ads
    Your local newspaper likely has a classified ad section in which you may find land for sale. Some of the land will be sold through a real estate agency, while other plots may be "for sale by owner."

    For Sale Signs
    Take a drive through the areas you find interesting.
    What is for sale? This exercise may also clue you in to which real estate company seems to have "landed" much of the business in that area.
    If it is "for sale by owner", talk to the owner and the neighbors, if possible. Ask any questions you may have and get a feel for the atmosphere and the advantages/drawbacks from their perspective.

    Scouting for land
    You may end up finding land no one knew was for sale by doing a little detective work. Do you see an area that interests you? Find the owner, or a neighbor, and ask if they know of any land for sale. Let them know you are interested. Someone may know someone who knows someone and (you get the picture) you just may have a chance to make an offer on a beautiful lot that has no other bidders!

    Auctions/Tax Sales
    Although a possible choice for finding land to purchase, tax sales and auctions may involve more risk. In the case of a tax sale, you may not ever get the land. Do your research before engaging in these transactions. You might consider tracking down the owner and making an offer before the auction (considering you've done extensive research and feel confident about the purchase). In this case, you may not have to compete with all of the other bidders. Emotions can tend to run high at auctions, so be advised to enter this arena cautiously.

    Distressed Sales
    Land may be sold for multitudes of reasons: death, divorce, foreclosure (currently a huge problem in the United States), bankruptcy, etc. You might find out about these by reading the legal notices in your newspaper. Banks often hold land they have foreclosed upon. You might ask around at your local banks, credit unions, mortgage companies for anything that may be available. Of course, in many cases the reason for sale is hardship, and this can create a moral dilemma of sorts.

    If you want to consider this, you might locate the owner before the foreclosure and offer him a deal. In this case, both of you may come out better off. Because of the type of transaction involved, getting legal help before purchasing is a wise decision.

    Land as a gift
    We've all heard the stories of the "rich uncle". Well, is it possible that someone in your family may have extra land that they are not using? Most of us would not ask for such a thing, but we can let it be known that we are looking. Stranger things have happened!

    Perhaps you might even consider offering labor in exchange for the use of the land until you get on your feet. There are endless creative ways to work out a deal that is beneficial to everyone.

Finding land will take you time and effort, but it can also be fun!
Be sure to also consider your "gut feeling" about a piece of property.
Sometimes our heads may tell us one thing, but our hearts somehow feel unsettled. It's ok to listen to your heart.

Land is considered by many to be a wise investment.

Suppose times are harder right now, and that dream home looks like a fading vision. Now might be a great time to buy a piece of land at a good price, and sit on it while you plan your dream home.

The more planning you do ahead (while keeping your eyes open for deals on materials, systems, builders, etc.), the better off you will be when the time comes to start the building!

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