Fireplace Designs

So what types of fireplace designs might you expect to find once you begin your search in earnest? More than we can cover here, I’m sure!

We will talk about a number of options you have though, and I feel sure you can find a design and type of fireplace that is just right for you and your family.

For starters, we’ll cover the following topics:

Fireplace Mantel Designs

Fireplace Tile Designs

Gas Fireplaces

Stone Fireplaces

Tile Fireplace Surround

…And we’ll talk about the various shapes and options you can choose from as well!

Fireplace Design Ideas

Did you know that you can opt for a fireplace that can be installed in the middle of a room? A see-through fireplace? An appliance with glass doors on 2 sides instead of just a front-facing door?

In addition, you can choose various options for the hearth itself. Perhaps you want it flush with the floor (like mine).

Or maybe you prefer a raised hearth, or you would like a fireplace with hearth SEATS so your young ones can cozy up on icy winter days.

Firebox and Fireplace Openings Options

Then you have options in your choice of a firebox. Would you like a raised one? Flush with the floor or dropped below floor level?

Your fireplace openings also come in a variety of options such as a corner unit, u-shaped, basic rectangular, a flat arch top, or a full arch (my favorite).

In addition, you could choose your own special features such as an arch made of brick, an opening away from (or flush with) the wall, a type of “hood” above the opening, or various other selections.

Customize Your Comfort!

I suggest you do a lot of looking around – both locally and online to see what type of features you prefer.

Since your fireplace will likely be the center of attention in your home and you will spend countless hours relaxing beside it, you will want to be sure you absolutely love your choice of appliance.

Customizing your comfort – sounds great, doesn’t it? Enjoy your walk through the multiple pages of fireplace information right here on this site – and many happy fires in your future!

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