Fireplace Mantel Designs:
Décor to Warm Your Hearth and Home

Fireplace mantel designs ideas are so many and varied, you’re certain to be able to either purchase or create the mantel design of your dreams.

Options can include mantels that can easily be adapted to a unique look (especially if you are an individual who likes to change your surroundings every so often), to those that are more permanent, such as stone or heavy beam fireplace mantels.

You may opt for a traditional look, which is quite popular even throughout decades of use. Or, a more rustic fireplace mantle might be to your liking.

A previous home we lived in had a huge wooden beam that served as a mantelshelf, and it complemented the stone masonry that created both the fireplace structure and the chimney as well. I took some amazing family pictures of the kids in front of that fireplace!

Corner Fireplace Mantel

A newer addition to the hearth and home scene is the corner fireplace mantel design. Although you will need to work with a smaller area perhaps (the mantel must stop when it hits the wall), your options are still numerous. Do you want to purchase a do-it-yourself kit and fancy it up with your own creations?

Or perhaps you would like to hire a professional in your area to design it to your specifications. Maybe ordering directly from a local store or from the Internet is the way you want to go.

Online pictures and ideas will be very helpful to peruse regardless of the way in which you will purchase your decorative mantelpiece.

Materials and Styles Options

You can choose from a multitude of materials, from the most popular wood, to stone, even marble, brick, slate, or granite. You might like a Victorian look, or lean towards a more colonial feel to your fireplace.

Whether you prefer simple lines or ornate carvings, your mantel can be whatever you want it to be.

Decorating Fireplace Mantel

Now that you have a gorgeous focal point to your room, how will you decorate it?

Some folks opt to put the wide screen TV above the mantel. In this case, you may want to opt for some décor on either end of the shelf so as not to interfere with the TV screen. A couple of vases with flowers or plants of some kind is pleasing and simple.

Or center a picture above the fire and decorate the mantelshelf with knick-knacks, a few books, candles, greenery, or anything you like.

I have a small ceramic village with figurines of children playing across my shelf. I can change the “flavor” according to the seasons, and it is the perfect size for my smaller fireplace mantel design.

Use your imagination, collect pictures and ideas of things you like, and enjoy planning the hearth of your dreams!

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