Foam Board Insulation

You may have heard of rigid foam insulation - foam board insulation is another name for it. It's becoming pretty popular because of its numerous benefits. Typically formulated from one of three concoctions - poliysocyanurate, polyurethane, or polystyrene, rigid foam insulation is available in a variety of breadths and is priced to fit varying budgets.

Foam board insulation can be used in so many different areas of the home, from initial construction to various remodeling and improvement projects. It is often used to insulate the foundation, as well as ceilings, floors, walls and even roofing.

In addition, it's a popular choice for do-it-yourselfers - whether they are looking at remodeling or adding on a home feature - and desire to make it energy efficient.

Benefits of Foam Board Insulation

There are numerous benefits to rigid board insulation that make it a favorite among builders and remodelers. A big feature is that is is NOT made with fiberglass, so breathing difficulties and floating bits of glass (that tend to get into the skin) are not a concern.

In addition, it is lightweight, and easily cut to the needed size. It also comes in varying widths. It can be installed with glue or nails (a staple gun is not required), and is easily cut with a basic utility knife, making expensive purchases for installation unnecessary.


Keep in mind that this type of insulation can be degraded by sun exposure, so take measure to protect against that. Also, insects won't find it tasty, but they can bore holes into it, so take precautions to protect your insulation from sun or insect damage.


With so many benefits and energy saving features, it is not difficult to understand why rigid foam insulation enjoys widespread popularity.

Do you know how to save energy with such insulation? It will cut down on cooling and heating expenses, add strength to the structure of your home, install rather easily, and won't carry with it the risks associated with fiberglass insulation.

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