Framing A House

Although there are some who promote the glories of framing a house while building your own home, the truth is, that unless you have a lot of time and expertise, house framing, finishing, and taking care of all the steps before and after can be mind-boggling at best.

Most people opt for a professional contractor or home builder, and for many good reasons.

If you decide to do it yourself, you will have to gain a certain level of expertise so that you will not be "pouring money down the drain" with a very pricey learning experience.

Following, we will talk about some initial steps that you, as the future homeowner, can take.

Choose Your House Framing Materials

While wood is, by far, still the most popular choice for house framing,there are many other options available to you today, including some massive energy-saving options. Check out the following materials you can choose from:

Are you a more "traditional" person and want to go with what is the most popular building material for framing? If so, you'll likely opt for wood. But realize too, that there are a number of highly energy efficient options that are becoming more popular with each passing year.

There is a wealth of information on the pages of this building your green home site that will help you with your decision making - from choosing a contractor, to getting a loan, to selecting the best and safest materials options for you and your family.

Take some time to explore these pages, and make your best selection when framing a house - YOUR house!

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