Fumes of Misery

by Geet F.

New Kitchen Cupboards - Formaldehyde Gas Fumes

New Kitchen Cupboards - Formaldehyde Gas Fumes

I was so excited at the prospect of a new kitchen - and all of the glorious kitchen cupboard options! I decided to go to a local home improvement store to check out the selections. Even in that enormously large store, the fumes from the cabinetry made me sick to my stomach, and caused my throat and eyes to burn!

I understand that there are "limits" set for formaldehyde out-gassing - does anyone know if these cabinets are actually tested and the formaldehyde levels measured?

I realize my options now will be either solid wood or metal kitchen cupboards (or perhaps those newfangled kitchen cupboards made from formaldehyde-free wheatboard). I wonder how many families are sick from this very thing - and don't even suspect what the problem is!

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