Gas Fireplace Logs

Gas fireplace logs typically come in two varieties – depending on the fireplace model you choose. You have the option of either vented fireplace logs, or the vent free variety. We will discuss the difference between the two to help you make the best decision for your family.

Natural gas vented logs require either a damper or open chimney flue to operate. These logs are connected to the line in your home that uses natural gas.

The advantage to this type of log is that the flames it simulates are more realistic – typically brightly colored and dancing - like you would expect from an actual wood fire. The downside, however, is that less heat is put off (compared to vent free gas logs) because of the open damper requirement.

For those people who have allergic sensitivities, these vented logs burn gas at lower temperatures, which adds to that “authentic fire” atmosphere.

In doing so, however, it gives off more pollution. In turn, the damper has to stay open all the time to add oxygen to the mix. You may be able to smell some of the gas fumes if you are sensitive to smells.

Fireplace Gas Logs:
Ventless Natural Gas Logs

How do ventless logs differ from the vented ones described above? These types of logs come with a set of artificial wood logs and also a burner. These are then attached to your natural gas line from which they are fueled.

The advantages are a more efficient fire, and a hotter burn for the fire. Since all of the heat remains inside instead of adding outdoor air, you can expect high efficiency for your unit.

The disadvantage for some is that the flames are a bit less authentic looking as a result. Some manufacturers claim that they can provide exceptionally “real-looking” logs even for the ventless units.

If you are sensitive to chemicals and petroleum smells, you will likely want to consider this type of gas log and fireplace since the heat remains
inside your unit, and there is not the direct exposure
to the flame that you would expect from the previous model.

Do your homework, and find the type of gas fireplace logs best for you. You’ll find much from which to choose!

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