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How To Save Energy At Home

Going green tips can point you in the right direction when you begin to look at your role in protecting your family and your beautiful planet. A lot of people have good intentions, but it’s tough to get started.
But there is a lot of help out there – help that can jump-start your efforts to make your world a safer place for you and your family.

Green or energy saving tips from various sources can help you jump in rather painlessly, and join the thousands of other folks who have already begun the race of “going green”.

Fight Phantom Power Muggers

One of the easiest tips is to turn off items you’re not using. Unused appliances, and technology devices, even if turned off but still plugged in, can waste enormous amounts of energy!

We call this “phantom power” – meaning power that is used even though we don’t notice it. Trying this tip alone can begin to save you money on your power bill.

Incredible Insulation

Another way to conserve energy is to ensure that you’re not losing heat through the winter. The insulation in your home as well as your window coverings and sealants in your door frames can make a huge difference.

Find out more tips about how to save energy by checking out the money-saving ideas on this page!

Don't Waste Water

washing machine picture,going green tips

Another simple tip is to conserve water. Limit shower length when possible, and don’t use more water than you need to.

Do you really need to keep the faucet running full blast while you’re brushing your teeth? It’s easy to wet the brush, turn off the water, and then turn back on briefly to rinse.

Wait until you have a full load to run laundry when possible, or, be sure the setting is adequate for the size of the load – not several inches deeper in water than it needs to be.

Actually, clothes get cleaner if they are agitating in a smaller amount of water as opposed to too much water and too little friction of the clothing in the washer!

Going Green Tips Recap -
What Are YOUR Favorite Tips?

These three simple going green tips – Turn it off and unplug, conserve your heat, and conserve your water, are easy ways to conserve the Earth’s natural resources and keep more money in your pocket as well. Just wait until you see the difference when you begin to implement these tips.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions of others in your online community or town as well – those who are going green and will share with you their best tips. They can be a great informational resource. You can share ideas and help each other!

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