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Save the Landfills - Go Green!

How can you save the local landfill from looking like Mount Everest? These going green tips will help you learn some simple steps you can take towards producing less trash is a great start. If we can minimize the amount of garbage we put out on a daily basis, we will be taking steps towards a cleaner and safer environment – both at home and in our communities.

First, look for items that are reusable. They are usually made better than the typical disposable product, and it will be one less item for the landfill. For example, if you purchase lunch meat, you can opt for containers that can be sealed again and reused.

You’ll not only save on trash, keeping more plastic out of the local landfill, but you’ll likely save money over the long term as well.

mason jars picture.going green tips

What about drinking glasses? You can save jars for this purpose. Some of our favorite drinking glasses are mason jars! And somehow, water tastes better in glass than it does in plastic.

Saving shopping bags is another big recycling option. You can take them with you on return trips to the grocery, use them at your yard sale, or line your trashcans with them to keep them clean.

Buy It In Bulk!

Do you shop at a Sam’s club or Costco–type store? Purchasing items in bulk is another great idea. Not only will you need to shop less, but you won’t have so much packaging to dispose of when you return home. An added bonus is that bulk items tend to be cheaper.

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you might consider burning some of your paper trash instead of sending it all to the dump. Ashes take up a lot less space than paper products, and it is useful as compost.

Overspend and Overbuy = Overstressed!

Be wary that you don’t overbuy and overspend when you go shopping. Do you REALLY need that thingamajig?

As you declutter your home, give those things you don’t need or wear to charity instead of dumping them. You’ll make someone happy and give your items a second life at the same time!

Eat Fresh and Watch That Trash Vanish!

One of the best ways to avoid trash is to eat natural foods found in God’s creation. Fresh fruits and veggies only have peelings (sometimes) and you can put those right out into your compost pile, to eventually add back to your garden – creating rich soil for growing more of your organic vegetables for your eating delight!
Taking just a few simple steps to implement these going green tips can ease the landfill blues and help the environment – both in your home and out in the world.

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