Green House Design:
Going Green At Home

Why the rush to green house design?

Well, for many, going green is becoming a way of life – from the food they eat, to the clothing they select to the homes in which they reside – green is a healthier and more sustainable way to live. And as ways to go green become increasingly popular, you’ll have increased options to make your home more eco friendly.

Following are a few simple things you can do to make your green home design earth friendly.

Kitchen Appliances

Top of the line appliances are quite popular nowadays, but you don’t have to sacrifice energy savings for beauty and functionality.

The Energy Star label adorns many home appliances, and offers you a way to save both energy and money. In addition to saving you about 15% on electric bills, you’ll also feel good knowing you are having a part in conserving energy.

Home Décor

Home décor is an extension of your personality. Fortunately, eco- friendly accessories are becoming easy to find. Bamboo blinds, bamboo mats, and natural carpets are only a few of the ways you can decorate in style. You’ll be able to wow friends and have a stylish home while still maintaining a green lifestyle.

Even storage shelves and bookcases can be purchased in old-fashioned wood craftsmanship – which will last for decades and remain sturdy and safe for your home.

Home Structure

The use of solar panels and home solar energy are becoming mainstream, and capturing the free energy from the sun can save you 15% or more on the energy used in your home.

Light from the sun is captured and then that power is used to run household items. Whether you build solar panels yourself, buy used solar panels, or simply pay to have them installed, it can be a wise source of clean energy you can tap into.

You might also consider updating your storm windows to the energy saving variety. These help conserve heat or cold air (depending on the season), saving your money year round on your energy bill.


Since furniture brings both character and comfort to a room, it tends to command attention and require comfort to the inhabitants and guests of your home. Choices are limitless – but consider natural elements in construction as well as the absence of dyes and chemicals to make your home a safer place to live and breathe.

For instance, formaldehyde in pressed wood furniture is unhealthy to breathe, and the durability of the furniture will not compare to solid wood or bamboo.

Creating an energy efficient home not only saves money, but will cost less cash to maintain from month to month. Make wise choices with the options listed above, and feel secure in knowing you are living in a safe and clean environment - in a green house design that is saving your money and headaches day after day.

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