Green House Plans

New construction should always include green house plans. Most people hear green house and think of that place where you plant your vegetables. Today however, green house can also mean the home you build for your family to live in.

A green home design can have many benefits. Not only will your family live healthier, but you can also reduce the amount of pollution that your home creates. Green house plans should cost no more than traditional plans. Materials and products are now being made by most major manufacturers and are offered nearly everywhere.

Chemical Concoctions

Studies have shown that new homes have higher levels of air pollution inside than is outside by up to five times the amount. Most of the chemicals used to create homes have not been tested for their effects on people, especially children. These chemicals can let off fumes that are harmful, especially to developing bodies.

The combination of these chemicals can also be dangerous. Ailments and conditions such as childhood asthma and respiratory problems have been attributed to these toxic fumes, as well as chemical sensitivities in adults.

Green house plans help you to build a home that is made of highly renewable resources, and does not use harmful materials, practices, or products. Harmful chemicals such as chemical based paints, formaldehyde, and synthetic insulation are not used. The processes used to prepare the materials and build the home are also planned out to use the least amount of electricity and create the least amount of pollution.

Green Home Design

The idea behind a green home design is to reduce the effects your family has on the environment by as much as possible, while making the home a safer place for your family to live. However, that is no reason your home should not be beautiful, comfortable, and cozy.

There are literally hundreds of building plans available for people who want to go green with their home. Or, if you prefer, you can design your own home. Whichever option you choose, you need to make sure the builder you choose knows how to build green homes, and only uses contractors that can build green.

Green house plans are also beneficial when that utility bill comes in each month. Green home design is meant to cut the use of electricity and water thereby saving the environment from harmful pollution. As great as that sounds, you’ll love it even more when you see the savings you get on your bills.

Your electric bill will be lower, your water bill will be smaller, and your wallet will be happier. You may even qualify for tax credits.

There’s no reason not to build a green home, and many reasons that you should. There are too many benefits to name, and by going green, you can do your part to preserve our natural resources.

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