Green Roof Research 101

Because of current green roof research, many homeowners and businesses are looking up!

Why are people considering the option of a living roof?

In addition to maximizing space and growing vegetables and/or flowers, green roof technology provides many other amazing benefits.

It’s not just for “Little House On The Prairie” type folks anymore….eco roofs are a trend here to stay. Who doesn’t want to save cash and make their building more beautiful at the same time?

What Is A Green Roof?

Quite simply, a green or living roof is a roof that has been planted, like you would plant a garden. These are covered, at least partially, with various varieties of vegetation.

Some living roofs may be covered with just grass. But many businesses, hotels, and even schools are opting to use space on the roof for building and maintaining gardens!

It’s a great way to make the best use of space, save money on insulation, and improve the environment – all at the same time.

Green Roof Design

There are many varieties of green roofs. Some of the simple ones require very little maintenance, and may be covered with grass or sod. You may have seen this type of roof in the countryside. Little is required for upkeep except perhaps some added nutrients on occasion.

Other green roof designs that have various plants or complete gardens on them will require more upkeep. You may hear of them referred to as semi-intensive or intensive green roofs.

Of course, some type of weeding, pruning, and (the fun part) harvesting of the crop will be necessary in most cases. If you live in a very dry area, you might need to consider drought-resistant plants or a green roof irrigation system.

A flat roof is the simplest option for a more complex garden. A pitched roof responds more favorably to sod, and would require the least work with a simple grass top.

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