Green Roof Technology

Green roof technology continues to explode. More options are available than ever before. From a do-it-yourself project, to modular segments that are pre-planted and ready to install, you will be amazed at the choices available to those who want to go green - from bottom to TOP!

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What Does a Green House Roof Do
For The Environment?

Environmental benefits are many for this roofing choice. Plants make wonderful air filters. Adding space to a home is another great reason for this type of living roof.

In addition, it makes a great getaway for a time of peace and relaxation, in addition to a superb view! This is especially appealing to city or apartment dwellers who sometimes see precious little green in their environment.

Can you imagine escaping to the rooftop, relaxing in a chair and looking at your beautiful flower or vegetable garden? And, of course, you can get up every once and awhile to tend it if you like!

Green roof research points not only to the advantage of growing edibles on your home or business, but highlights the many environmental benefits as well.

A living roof will absorb rainwater, which in turn helps keep waterways clean and clear. In addition, it provides a natural insulation for your home, making the need for ceiling insulation much less of a concern. The result? Less expense for fuel and electricity for either heating OR cooling your home or business!

Green Roofs For Healthy Cities

The research continues to point to the many advantages of living roofs for city dwellers. This is not only because it reroutes rainwater to avoid flooding, but it also actually lowers the air temperature in the city – by a lot! During hot summer months, the temperature in a city can be a steamy 10 or even 15 degrees hotter than in the suburbs.

Living roofs lower the temperature in the cities, save money on electricity and insulation, provide filtering greenery in a place full of smog and dirt, and are beautiful to gaze upon!

Check out one of my favorite green roof videos below - this amazing eco-roof has a long and colorful history!

Green Roof Technology and What You Should Know Before You Build

Before you take the leap to transform your rooftop into a garden paradise, you’ll want to assess your situation and ask a few questions.

First, what type of roof do you already have? If your roof is flat or has only a slight pitch, your options are many. But for a steeply pitched roof, sod will be your best option.

Secondly, will your home or building’s structure support the added weight of a green roof? A structural engineer can help to answer this question.

Finally, consider the initial cost to construct as well as any maintenance costs you will have for upkeep. You’ll need to put waterproofing in place before planting, and this may be somewhat expensive.

Also, you’ll want to check out your neighborhood or commercial zoning laws to be sure that a green roof is permitted in your area.

Once you have your bases covered with the above questions, then the fun part starts.

* What will you want to plant?

* What kind of maintenance will be required?

* Will you do it all yourself or hire a contractor to do this for you?

* Will extra home or business insurance be required once your new green roof is in place?

Green roof technology is both current and future. Your research on what is available is the current. Whether or not it is feasible for your home or business determines the future possibilities.

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