Healthy Home

Does Yours Qualify?
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Do you live in a healthy home?

We all want to be healthy and happy, right?

Is it possible that the place you live is interfering with those desires? If you suffer from allergies, asthma , or any of a number of puzzling symptoms, the answer could (literally) be right under your nose.

Most of us spend a large chunk of our time at home. Do we know what we are breathing?

Toxic Soup

Anybody hungry?

Now serving up Toxic Soup! Today's special is the formaldehyde/VOC combo - come and get yours now!

All kidding aside, we would never take someone up on such an offer. But what we might not know, is that we are likely inhaling just such a "toxic soup" on a daily basis- especially if you fit into one of the following categories:

* New (standard built) home

* Trailer
(see Formaldehyde/FEMA page)

* Mobile home

* Recently repainted home

* New cabinetry

* New furniture (not solid wood)

* New carpet or vinyl flooring

* Insulation

* New Car

Well, who ISN'T in one of these categories? That pretty much covers building, remodeling, and redecorating!

Precisely the point.

Formaldehyde and other VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are commonly used in numerous building/remodeling materials. And yes, what you don't know CAN hurt you.

A Green, Healthy Home

Green building is an idea whose time has come.

Although you must exercise caution when building and remodeling due to varying definitions of green, the idea of making our living space as non toxic as possible is critical.

Our health depends on it.

Our children and grandchildren depend on us to protect their health as well.

Is your house a healthy house?

Invest a few minutes of your time and read the information on this site. Your investment may yield many more years of healthy living.

After all, what good is it to retire with enough money and a place to call home if you don't have the health to enjoy it?

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