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Material Options for Your House Roof
There are so many options when it comes to home roofing.
Are you "up in the air" about your choice of a roofing material for your green home?

Are there really any affordable green choices when it comes to roofing options?

Let's take a look at what you'll need to consider for your residential roofing requirements.

Factors to Consider
for your House Roof

When choosing a type and style of roofing, there are 3 factors you will want to consider:

* Appearance

* Longevity

* Suitability

Tied into each of these factors is your ever-present "green" question - how would this roof fit into my overall green lifestyle?


What style of roof do you prefer? Do you
like the traditional sloped roof? Gambrel?
Hip roof with numerous cuts and angles?

What about the color of your roof?
Will you choose a lighter color (or even white) to defray your cooling costs in warmer weather?


How long do you want your roof to last?
The most widely used shingles in North America are composition shingles. These usually carry between a 15-30 year rating. Generally, the higher the rating, the more expensive the shingle.

Many people are unaware that metal roofing, slate or tile may have an expected lifespan far greater than the most "popular" shingle.


What is common in your locale as far as roofing material?

Do you have restrictions on your choice because you will be living in a subdivision? (Check the Covenants and Restrictions publication put out by your Homeowner's Association)

Do you live in an extremely hot/humid area? Does your climate have extremes in temperature from one season to another?

Will you opt for roof overhangs to block out the strong summer sun, but provide warmth from the winter sunshine? All of these questions will impact the suitability of the home roofing material you will consider.

COST usually plays a part in the suitability factor as well. For instance, a "hip roof", because of it's complexity, will be much more expensive than a traditional roof with primarily straight lines.

Roof slope is also extremely important to consider when building your home. Your decision will affect cost, longevity and appearance.

Roofing Materials

Now, more than ever, the options for roofing materials are incredibly wide. Following are some of the most common choices for residential roofing:

* Asphalt or Fiberglass (composition) Shingles

* Wood Shingles (or Shakes)

* Slate

* Clay/Concrete Tile

* Metal Roofing

* Green (Living) Roofs

Click on each type of roofing material for more in-depth information on their pros and cons.

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