Home Wind Turbines:
Alternative Energy Part II

Are you looking into the option of home wind turbines as a source of inexpensive energy for your home?

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How Does Wind Turbine Energy Work? (continued from Part I)

In the old grain mills, the gear attached to a heavier one at the bottom of the mill, and as the teeth of the gear rotated, it ground the grain.

It’s a similar concept – it’s just used for different purposes. As the gear spins, electricity is generated.

How does it work?

A magnetic rotor inside the generator is used to create the electrical energy. As this rotor does its spinning movements surrounding the core, it uses electromagnetic induction to produce an actual electric current.

Are Home Wind Turbines Environmentally Safe?

As you may already have noted, wind energy doesn’t have a byproduct – it’s either used or stored energy. A couple of negatives to consider are the cost of the generator (can be expensive) and the fact that without wind of at least 10 mph, then little to no energy can be produced.

So this would not be an ideal option in a location that is somewhat sheltered from wind, such as a valley surrounded by mountains, or a home circled about with tall trees.

Some subdivisions prohibit windmills because of the aesthetics of having such a large structure in a neighborhood, so check your local and regional regulations before making any solid plans to build one.

Others complain that flying into the blades may harm birds, or that airplane flight paths can be interfered with if the windmill is too close to a flying zone.

If wind turbine energy is appealing to you, be sure to investigate both the costs and the typical lifespan of the particular generator you would be using.

Generally, you will likely save more than enough over the lifetime of a decent generator to recoup your costs to build. And looking into this clean source of environmentally friendly energy - powered by the blowing of the wind, can give you a good feeling.

Wise energy. Clean Energy.
The answer is blowing in the wind.

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