House Plans With Basements

Why would you want house plans with basements?

It's simple, really. Basements are extremely popular in many areas of the country for the reason that this additional level can be built for much less than the main levels of the home, but the benefits can be enormous.

Benefits of House Plans
With Basements

Here are just a few of the benefits of building a basement as the foundational element to your home:

* Laundry, electrical, and furnace elements can be easily housed in your basement

* Expansion of your living space for a fraction of what you'll pay to have premium upstairs space built

* Extra bedrooms for teenagers or parents or even for renting space to help pay your mortgage

* A cooler space to live in during summer heat, or in the event of an unforeseen power outage

* A play area for young children so your ears can take a break from the loud noise they make while playing

* A place for your office space (which is tax deductible if you have a home business) where you can work separated from the hubbub of family life upstairs

* Room for a teaching or art studio so you can make extra income on the side

* Perfect spot for a "man-cave" with plenty of seating, widescreen TV, and storage for movies, if desired

* An area for mom's scrap-booking accessories so she can work on preserving the family heritage in a place secured from curious little hands

* Ideal for an extra bathroom for your students or teens so the main part of the house isn't commandeered for the call of Mother Nature (with subsequent fighting with siblings who may be in that premium space)

* A prime spot for a second kitchen which is ideal for holiday get togethers - store your fine silver and china here as well as your appliances that don't see everyday use

* Create a game room for family fun - add a pool table, a ping pong area, or any number of ideas suitable for gathering the family and friends to do something other than be entertained by the big screen

Finished Basement Bliss

You can opt to finish your basement as it is built, or later, as you have the funds. Just remember that house plans with basements may not take the finished basement costs into consideration with that particular plan.

When you begin your search for house plans, be sure to filter it with the basement feature, if that is what you want. You will save yourself a ton of time and hassle because you won't have to look at every single design to see if it comes with a basement or not!

House plans with basements are a great place to start as you dream about your new home with a whole lot more room down under than you may have right now.

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