Kitchen Cabinets and Flooring Choices

by Char

Am trying to re-do an old kitchen. Having so much trouble finding safe cabinets and flooring here in Reno.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Perhaps you have this information on your site but I am unable to find.
As well as cabinets, I need the flooring recommendations--the kitchen is 60 years old and just now the old 'linoleum' is deteriorated. 60 years!
Rest of home is hardwood and tile.
Would like something perhaps more 'soft ' in the kitchen.
Cost is also a factor.

I do love the new linoleums and was seriously considering them--- thought them to be safe--boy was I wrong.
Am so happy to have found your site and have subscribed, but the searching for good products has me overwhelmed. Making me want to just move-----------but the new construction is just way too scary.

Help, please.
Thank you,

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