Land/Lot Choices:
What's Your Lifestyle?

When you consider your land/lot choices, keep the following questions in mind:

Do you envision a quiet, relaxed lifestyle
in your new home?

Or would you rather be in the middle of the action?

What and who will be around you?


  • Do you prefer a country or city lot?
    If you choose the country, will you have
    farmyard smells for a perpetual "incense"?

  • Would you like a view?
    If so, mountains, woods, water?

    Do you want to live on a knoll or in a valley?

  • Subdivision?
    Are there yearly association fees due?

    Is there a "Covenants and Restrictions"
    publication that you must follow to the letter?

    What types of structures are permitted/banned
    in this particular subdivision?

  • How much space do you need to avoid feeling cramped?
    Will there be plenty of room between your house and the next?
    (or considerations for a fence or bushes/trees to offer privacy)

  • What about noise?
    Is the lot close to a highway, railroad tracks, airport, business locations?

    How much traffic is there?

    Will lights shine into your home from dusk till dawn?

  • What school system is available for your children?
    How far away are the schools, churches, gas station, grocery,
    hospital, rescue squad, fire station, etc?

    How close is the nearest fire hydrant?

  • Are there prisons or factories in the vicinity?

  • Are there sex offenders in the area?
    (critical to know particularly if you have children)

  • What about the demographic makeup of your area?
    Are you considering an area where mostly retired people live?

    Are there any children in your potential neighborhood with whom your children may play?

You may wish to add more to this list as you think of other matters important in your land/lot choice.

Talking through these questions with your family will give you
a better idea of where everyone is coming from, and
what choices would be most important for your
particular needs and wants.

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