Linoleum Flooring:
Beautiful and Eco-Friendly

marmoleum, linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring is coming back into style with a flourish. This non toxic, comfortable floor covering is available in sheets and, more recently, in panels. Forbo's extremely popular brand, called Marmoleum flooring, comes in click panels. Countless designs are possible with your choice of rich, vibrant colors which may be integrated with complementing or contrasting panels.

Your beautiful new floor is only limited by your imagination!

Flooring Composition

Natural linoleum is made primarily from the following materials:
linseed oil, rosin, sawdust, corkdust, limestone and jute. None of the ingredients of this flooring contain toxins. And it is all biodegradable!

Pros and Cons of Linoleum Floors

These floors have many advantages. Their non toxic and eco-friendly properties make it popular for use in schools and hospitals. Among other attractive benefits are the following:
  • Available in a wide range of styles and colors
    For a previous home, I chose marbled Marmoleum for the kitchen and bathrooms. Each room had a distinctive personality with a different color. I especially loved how the cultured marble counters complemented the marbled Marmoleum flooring.

  • Reasonably priced

  • Durable
    They used to call Marmoleum the "20 year floor" because of its durability. The last I heard, the flooring in my previous home is going on 13 years old and still in great shape!

  • Easy to install
    This benefit means you'll pay less in labor charges than many other flooring options.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Comfortable to stand on

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Sharp objects may cut into the flooring
  • May curl over time or wear out if thin
  • May be somewhat difficult to repair
  • Slightly odorous - sensitive people will want to test a sample to be certain they are not bothered by the smell

The quality of the flooring can make a big difference in its wear -ability. Choose a well-known brand with a good warranty and enjoy your non toxic floor!

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