Liv-Space by Boman Kemp

by Ken Shinaut
(Ogden, Utah USA)

Thank-you for the link - I really like the basement section and I'd like to add a comment or two, that I feel your readers would benefit from.

Boman Kemp is a basement egress window manufacturer and we've done a lot of research and due diligence on the benefits of the thermal mass of the earth.

Specifically, we've designed an entire house called Liv-Space, around the basement being the first level of the home. In other words, we've created a two story house with one level in the ground. You can see some of our work at

We exhibited at the Green Building Show in Salt Lake City, Utah this past May and have made major inroads in markets like Louisville, Ky., Baltimore, Maryland, Columbus, Ohio, and Denver, Colorado.

The whole idea is to build an energy efficient, total utilization of space, affordable home. We've coupled the idea with the use of a geothermal system that buries the ground source loop in the basement excavation, prior to backfilling.

This saves the expensive drilling or excavating typically associated with geothermal ground source installation. The utility bills have been reduced enormously, in some cases more than 60%. When you don't have enormous costs associated with burying the ground source loop, the overall costs compared to a regular 95% efficient furnace are very similar. Yet, the operational costs scream efficiency and green!

We've had energy raters prove HERS scores in the low 50's and high 40's, in an affordable home the majority of Americans can afford to buy and to operate. TOTAL utility bills of $50 to $60 per month year round is very common, and by using the thermal mass of the earth, the bills will remain there for years to come.

Our goal is to show how building a two story home, with one level in the ground, is smart, extremely green, and energy efficient. We feel the design will benefit builders, consumers, and lending institutions all across the country. The time is right for an out of the box approach to the home building industry.

Boman Kemp wants to make a difference and we're working with the ANZI Standard to include some of these components in their overall value of the home. Additionally, we're working with appraisers, lending institutions, and realtors across this country, to bring awareness to our goals.

Thanks, Ken for your helpful information. It sounds like you have a very interesting concept in basement energy efficiency.

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